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One of the greatest gifts is a child's embrace. A child's love and the simple act of a hug is every parent's dream.

Adoptive Family Services

While adoption is a simple idea, the process you as an adoptive parent must go through and the multitude of emotions that you will experience can be overwhelming. In providing educational and support services to families and adoption agencies, it is our goal to assist you in realizing your dream to become an adoptive parent.

Educational Services

Information is your greatest asset when adopting a child. Knowing what programs are available and what the requirements are, the types of children available, the costs and the timeframes involved are all important considerations. We are able to assist adoptive families in narrowing down the multitude of choices and focusing efforts on the programs and children most appropriate to their situation. Educational services for adoptive families include general adoption seminars and classes in areas such as attachment issues, special needs children, country specific adoption information and financing your adoption. Adoptive families may choose to attend a seminar of group class or can work with our staff one-on-one in person or over the phone or internet.

Pre and Post Adoption Support

Pre-adoption education gives parents the tools necessary to have a successful adoption experience, how to choose the right adoption program and how to select a child appropriate for your family and situation.  After your child is home, post-adoption support is important to answer those questions that may arise, how to help your adopted child adjust to your family and community and how to deal with any adjustment difficulties.  Knowing that you aren't alone in what you are thinking and feeling may make the difference in the outcome of your adoption plan.

Adoptive Family Evaluations

More and more programs are requiring adoptive parents to undergo psychological testing or evaluation. Recent news reports of adopted or foster children being abused by their parents or caregivers are driving this desire to be sure that everything is done to insure the future safety and well-being of the children. With a licensed psychologist on staff, we are able to provide adoptive parents with the testing and evaluation services required by many programs, agencies and countries. This service is provided in a friendly, appropriate and confidential manner and at a cost that is quite reasonable. 

A Child's Embrace is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Our mission is to make the adoption process easier for everyone in order to place more deserving children into permanent homes. Our mission is to make every adoption a success! 


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